Showtime! Prepping for the Miami Beach Antiques Show and Tucson's AGTA GemFair

January and February bring cold weather up north—but they also bring two jewelry shows that will take me down south! First up is the Miami Beach Antique Show. I will be there when it opens, Friday, January 30th, so look for the latest from me on what's at the show.

And next week, I will head from Florida to Arizona, to attend the gem shows in Tucson, including the AGTA GemFair. It is one of my favorite trips, as there is always something new to find, from important colored stones (like a Burmese sapphire I found a few years ago) to the endless displays of raw stones at the roadside shows (last year, we found some beautiful rose quartz even a marble coffee table!). While in Tucson, my husband Joseph DuMouchelle and I host the GIA's Party at the Gem Mine, a charity auction for its alumni association. I'll be sure to update you with photos from the event, along with my latest finds. Stay tuned!